The Art Heals

Every Artist has a creative process that is unique to them. I personally fill in the “creative” tank during my travels overseas for the most part. For me it’s the history, the energy that old stones hold, an old barn wood, an old door, anything that has a story to tell, it’s mysterious … below are just a few pictures and samples of the things that stimulate my creative senses… these were taken in Italy just recently, a castle dated of the twelve century, I just couldn’t resist its historical energy!!

IMG_7594 IMG_7598   IMG_7613 IMG_4217IMG_7604IMG_7603 IMG_4218


What drives the creative process…?



For those who have been following my work, it’s been a progression. I first started with acrylic work, was ok, but definitely not my favorite medium, at least not since I have discovered oil. Along the path of creativity, I have been intrigued by different aspects of nature. Currently there are two main organic things I am fascinated about, that’s TREES and STONES. So  naturally, I have to try to capture the essence of these onto the canvases…  Here’s a snapshot of the latest one…


Non Art Related Topics

Stone Study… my new collection in the works!