Diary of an Artist

In a world where talking has been replaced with texting

Where walking has been replaced with driving or flying

Where handwriting has become so obsolete that we barely learn how to spell letting computerized devices do the thinking for us

A world in which instant gratification is the lifestyle adopted by most, without any thought at all about what once was and wether life now is for the better or worse?

I long for the times when going to the symphony, watching a play, taking a long walk, reading a book, writing a letter to a dear friend or simply curling up by the fire was business as usual.  The time when admiring a beautiful piece of art was considered entertainment and part of a much sought after cultural enrichment.

Stone, A Study
Stone, oil/resin on canvas 16×16

I so long for those days … Where we had the time to just BE.

These thoughts drive me as an individual and as an Artist.  They are behind the choices that I make when I create and reflect on the way that I look at the world. I am attached to what once was and aim to bring bits of that past into the present. As an aged wine, wood or person, with time comes depth, richness, substance and knowledge. I wish to bring forth all of that into my work.

My paintings are pieces of immortality that I wish to share with the world!





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