I recently started two new projects in oil, please comments on them, I would love to know what you all think? Thx!

I have always been fascinated by snow... I guess beeing from Switzerland, it is normal for me to think of mountain tops covered with snow!! Is there anyting more pure, more peaceful than the stillness and quiteness of snow falling? I think of the Ice age, and where our planet is headed, and I can't help wonder.. is SNOWgoing to be a part of our evolution once again...?
As our world is at a cross road, and everything around us seem to fall into cahos, how are we going to preserve our earth and what is magical, and beautiful about it? In a world torn between technology advancement and need for preservation, the human race needs to wake up in a big way and come to the realization that this is OUR WORLD and WE are the ones who need to protect it!

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